Admission Guidelines

Admission Guidelines

Musicum Laude, the largest vocal performance event aimed at young performer artists in the Carpathian Basin launches its 2024 edition with the chairmanship of maestro Ioan Holender, former Director of the Vienna State Opera and still worldwide renown and active as Artistic consultant.


The event takes place in Oradea, a city distinguished by its colorful cultural heritage. This is the hometown of the world-renowned soprano, Júlia Várady (b. 1941). This city is also linked to famous composers such as Béla Bartók and George Enescu.


Oradea is the university city where the bel canto teaching technique brought big names to the stages of the opera world: Alexandru Badea, Boloș Marius, Cosmin Ifrim, Florin Estefan, Kele Brigita, Kutasi Judit, Molnár Levente, Gergely Németi, and Gabriela Varvari.


Age groups

Application options

15-20 (if not currently enrolled in college or university majoring in voice)

  voice competition (junior section)

  master class

18-38 (if currently enrolled in college or university majoring in voice)

  voice competition (adult section)

–        Opera

–        Lied

–        Oratorio



Over 39


  • In the junior category, applications from all over the world are open to those who are between the ages of 15 and 17, as well as those who are between the ages of 18 and 20 and are not enrolled in college/university studying voice.

Junior category applicants have to prepare 2 pieces, which can be lied, aria, operetta, oratorio aria, and/or vocal etude (Concone, Vaccai).

  • The adult category is open to applicants from all over the world who are studying voice in college/ university or graduate artists between the ages of 18 and 20, and applicants between the ages of 20 and 38.

Adult category applicants must choose a genre (Opera, Song, Oratorio) to enter the competition, and they can enter in multiple categories.

  • For master classes students between the ages of 15 and 38 may apply.

For audition college/university students worldwide from age 18, and artists of any age, regardless of qualification may apply.

  • Candidates can register online by filling out the application form, which must be accompanied by:
  • Video recordings of the applicants’ chosen repertoire and performance for the voice competition (for audition and master class, too in both junior and adult categories).
  • For applicants under the age of 18: written and signed consent form from a legal representative (scanned or photographed).
  • The recordings submitted by the contestants who applied for the voice competition after registration are examined by a jury of vocal masters. They decide whether the contestants can advance to the semi-finals, which means taking part in the competition in person.
  • Applicants who have advanced to the semi-finals can take part in the competition held in Nagyvárád.
  • Each applicant receives expert feedback from the jury based on the submitted recording.

The registration fee is non-refundable even if the applicant does not advance to the semi-finals.

  • Enrollment: May 9 – June 27
  • Notification of finalists: After registration is received, applicants will receive confirmation. The received materials will be processed every weekend and the list of those who will advance to the semi-finals will be sent out by July 7 at the latest.
  • List of finalists’ announcement: July 7
  • Competition: July 13 – 23
  • Junior final: July 13-14 (depending on the number of participants)
  • Adult semi-final: July 15-19 (depending on the number of participants)
  • Lied adult final: July 20
  • Oratorio adult final: July 21
  • Opera gala concert final: July 23
  • Masterclass: July 15 – 19
  • Audition: July 22

Based on the number of registered competitors and those who have advanced after pre-selection, the competition program may be modified, and we reserve the right to make changes.

Competition details:

  • The competition is organized by categories, one of which is by age groups.
  • If a competitor arrives late for reasons not attributable to them, the organizers may grant them permission to participate at a later time.


  • A professional jury will evaluate each performance, provide feedback, and award a maximum of 100 points each. The scorecards must be submitted to the secretary of the competition, who sums them up. No jury members can score any contestant who are their students (current or former), in which case the jury must calculate an average score. In case of a tie (same scores), the jury’s chairman shall decide.
  • Results will be announced, and awards granted in each category after finals.
  • In the opera genre, the results will be announced after the finals combined with the gala concert.

The jury’s decision about the evaluation of performances is final and cannot be contested.

  • The participation fee must be paid electronically at the time of registration. Contestants cannot claim a refund of the registration fee if they withdraw, fail to appear in the tournament or advance to the semi-finals.
  • The audition and master class are available in limited numbers.
  • Audition and participation in master classes are optional.
  • The audition and master class fees will not be refunded by the organizers if the applicant withdraws or fails to attend the audition. However, an evaluation for the video sent will be given.

Application date

Age 15 – 20

Age 18 – 38


Junior competition

Adult competition

3 categories

May 9 – 22

20 EUR

30 EUR

50 EUR

100 EUR

May 23 – June 5

25 EUR

35 EUR

80 EUR

150 EUR

June 6 – 19

35 EUR

50 EUR

120 EUR

200 EUR

June 20 – 27

50 EUR

100 EUR

200 EUR

250 EUR




100 EUR with the masterclass




May 9 –

June 27

100 EUR – masterclass





Junior (Age 15-20)

2 pieces, which can be lieder, aria, operetta, oratorio aria, and/or vocal etude (Concone, Vaccai)

Adult (Age 18-38):


3 arias from different operas


3 lieds


3 oratorio arias

  • Applicants can request the accompaniment offered by the organizers or they can compete with personal accompanists.
  • Rehearsals with piano accompaniment provided by the organizer are available at least once at an individually determined time.
  • This request must be indicated by the applicant at the time of registration.


Prizes (EUR)




Junior (Age: 15-20)




Adult (Age: 18-38)

  •   Lied – age: 18-26




  •   Lied – age: 27-38
  •   Oratory – age: 18-26
  •   Oratory – age: 27-38
  •   Opera – age: 18-26




  •   Opera – age: 27-38




Musicum Laude grand prize


10 special awards


Applicants may receive the following upon request:

  • Free accommodation in János Arany Dormitory of the Partium Christian University
  • Lunch: 15 lei/day in the canteen of the Partium Christian University
  • Parents of minor applicants may receive the same complimentary accommodation and meals as their children.


The rules related to data processing are contained in the data protection guide.
The organizer reserves the right to change or modify the rules at any time. Any termination of any of these rules in whole or in part shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms or rules.
  • By registering, the participant consents to photographs, audio recordings, videos and interviews being taken and publicly displayed in various forms (e.g. CDs, DVDs, radio and TV broadcasts, social media platforms, podcasts, films, advertisements, YouTube, Musicum Laude international voice competition portal) by the organizer or an authorized third party, without any restrictions or fees.
  • By registering, the participant approves that, due to the nature of internet technology, the image (photo and/or video/audio recording) taken of them may be received, copied and published on the platform of other media service providers. Additionally, the name, image, a summary of the visual, audio and video recordings of the performance or rehearsal can be used, without any time limitation, in publications and any media coverage of the competition, or publish them to the public in any way, or authorize third parties to do so, without any financial compensation.
  • By registering, the applicant agrees and allows the organizer to display the following data on the internet interface: Name, Age, Place of Residence (city), voice type, category, status and achieved result.
  • The registrant acknowledges that he/she has no legal claim against the organizer regarding copyright or other rights in the appearance of the aforementioned data, photos or videos.
  • All photographs and audio recordings of the competition are the sole property of the organizer. The organizer is entitled to use these recordings and sound recordings without restrictions in time, space or content, including reproduction.



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